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The decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire

Autor: Justin Ott

The History of Rome I

Autor: G. B. Niebuhr

On the Development of Greek Historiography and the Plan for a New Collection of the Fragments of the Greek Historians by Felix Jacoby

Ancient Egyptian Agriculture and The Origins Of Horticulture

The Process of Cursing in Ancient Egypt

A Survey of Greek History by David C. Mirhady

Historical Evolution of Roman Infantry Arms and Armor 753 BC – 476 AD

A Short History of Spain by Mary Platt Parmele

Philip V: Economic and Social Reform in Spain in the Reign of the First Bourbon King by Agustín González Enciso

The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War by  Ana Tur-Prats, Felipe Valencia Caicedo

The Spanish Empire, 1500–1898 by  Christian G. De Vito

French and British Colonization of North America by Kristina Mostova